January 28, 2013

about us

Our Philosophy:

We recognize that the body is self-healing and self-regulating. We are born with the amazing ability to heal naturally. Everything in our body is controlled by the nervous system and it is often referred to as the “master system” because it controls every cell, organ, muscle, tissue, and function in the body. All of these functions depend upon the proper flow of life from the brain and spinal cord to perform at its best.  Any one of the bones of the spine can misalign from everyday stresses of life and put pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This is called a vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation can interfere with messages from the brain to the body and affect every part of life.  The human body is better able to deal with everyday stresses of life when the nerve system is working free of nerve interference.

At Oxford Chiropractic, we are experts at finding and helping the body correct these vertebral subluxations which relieves pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This enables the body to function at its maximum which helps it reach its full potential in all aspects of life. We recommend lifetime care for every human being because stresses happen on a lifetime basis. This facility provides each person the care that their body requires, at a price that is affordable, to allow them to perform and live life at their fullest potential. Our fee system, as well as our procedures, reflect these recommendations.

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Relationships that begin with an honest and fair foundation help make this office special. While there is a necessity in business to trade money for services, Oxford Chiropractic places more value on relationships. We want you to be 100% certain when you choose to enter care at our office. We don’t want you to choose our office because you have time and money already invested.

Meet your Dr:

A native of Cleveland, Mississippi, I grew up playing sports and enjoyed carpentry work with my grandfather. He taught me the value of a strong work ethic. My mother, who was a nurse, taught me the importance of a good bedside manner, and to treat people like family. I married my high school sweetheart, Elizabeth, who is from Sumner, and we have an English cocker spaniel named Gus. Oxford is a fantastic community, and we are excited to be a part of it!

At age 16, I was in a car wreck and began to see the local chiropractor as part of my recovery. I responded so well to chiropractic care, I was inspired to pursue it myself. I worked as a chiropractic assistant from age 17 until I graduated from Delta State University with a degree in biology. From there, I went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, often referred to as The Fountainhead because it was the world’s first school of chiropractic. While at Palmer, I was a member of the Delta Sigma Chi professional fraternity. During my final trimester, I went on a chiropractic mission trip to Lima, Peru, where our group of 10 students adjusted hundreds of men, women, and children of all ages, including many orphans. It was truly a humbling experience to offer free care to those less fortunate.

I completed an internship in The Netherlands then an externship for Dr. Mike Patterson back in my hometown. Those experiences taught me so much about this field, and I got to meet a lot of amazing people along the way. Elizabeth and I then moved to Mobile, Alabama, where I gained more valuable experience and clinical hours in one of the city’s largest chiropractic clinics. We returned to Mississippi in 2014, where I filled in for an injured Dr. John Gianinichiropractor in Starkville. Then Dr. Blythe Peebles and I crossed paths and have united our efforts to help the people and the community we care so deeply for.

Elizabeth and I don’t have children yet, but we do have an English cocker spaniel named ‘Gus’. We have truly been blessed to have great people in our lives and want to continue to give back to our community


To give back to my home state and improve the quality of life and health for the citizens in and around Oxford.


At Oxford Chiropractic, we commit ourselves to provide the highest clinical and ethical standards. We envision the city and surrounding areas filled with people functioning at 100%, living lives with vigor and vitality. Our office will be the beacon of hope and positivity for families, providing the support they need to reach their health goals.

Code of Ethics:

  • To always use the highest clinical ethical standards with patients.
  • To maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct, and should comply with all governmental jurisdictional rules and regulations.
  • To make the health and well-being of my clients my utmost priority at all times.
  • To preserve and protect the patient’s confidential information, except as the patient directs or consents, or the law requires otherwise.
  • To provide a welcoming and open environment for all.